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All about Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, How to set up ads, reports, and optimization !!!

Facebook and Instagram ads have extensively built and given a successful reach to customers and created profitable leads. So people are getting aware of the fact that Facebook and Instagram ads are very valuable and want to learn ways and means to get it better for extensive Optimization.

One can always link their Instagram account to the Facebook page which is the best thing that a brand can do for better publicity. And they can make optimum use of all the features and tools both the social media platforms can offer.

Facebook Ads

How to create Facebook and Instagram ads

The starting point of any ad is that it needs to be running through the ads manager. It is a tool that is all in one for creating ads and managing every possible strategy. It helps to manage and also helps to track how valuable  campaigns are performing and set specific goals.

instagram ads

Create Instagram ads & Facebook Ads

  • For creating your ads you have to go to the main table to create a new ad campaign.
  • you have to go to the create a new window, and now you have to put in the objective for creating this particular ad, whether it is for business purpose or for any other promotion
  • now you have to set it to advertise
  • you can also use existing campaigns, and ad sets to create new ones.
  • Refine your settings and select continue to move on to the editing panel.
  • Here there is an option for you to choose details like the ad format, audience and placement and many other extra features.
  • Once all is done and you have to press continue to publish or save it as a draft and wait for it to get ready.
  • Once ready you can publish it or even save it as a draft.
  • If it is the first time that you are using it then you can go to the engagement objective that will show you similar ads, people who are most likely to be interested in your business.
  • To start select create plus choose the engagement objective and choose next to again enter the editing panel
  • After this, you can select the added level and select next where you can choose images or videos
  • Finally, you can publish your ad.

Tracking and reporting Facebook and Instagram ads

The performance metrics for Instagram are similar to the Facebook ads. The reporting tools help to understand the performance. After the ads are posted on social media, it will take at least 24 hours to start gathering results. It is very important to navigate through the report section so you will understand the total number of social media users who saw your ad. It also helps to understand the number of times your ad was displayed and the number of times your ad has received clicks. The percentage of the people who clicked your ad and commented on your ad will also be displayed. It also improves performance as you can understand the number of shares and likes your ad has received. It enables us to understand the approximate amount that the business has spent on the ad per click.

Facebook Ad Optimization

Facebook pixel: the best and foremost thing that you need is a Facebook tracking pixel on your website which makes it incredibly easy to understand your target audience.

Using Facebook pixels helper in the popups: it is very essential to use Facebook pixel in your pop-ups to get the best results. To optimize your Facebook ads, Optinmonster is the best. The campaigns usually include persuasive language to attract visitors.

Facebook’s new campaign objectives with the Crystal Clear View: The campaign should always have a goal and it is the first thing to do when creating a Facebook ad. You can choose a goal to engage and bring about a sale.

Engaging posts into ads: Most of the ads do not gather shares and likes on the first go. You should select the most popular post and expand its reach,and  over time it will gather more comments, likes and shares.

FB Optimization

Instagram ad Optimization

Adding objectives is the essential ingredient: Brand awareness, traffic, engagement, reach, conversations etc . Anything can be the objective of the campaign to increase the visibility of your brand and to get it in front of a maximum number of users.

Choose the right type of AD: On Instagram, one can put out short story ads with full-screen vertical content that covers the whole of the info. Or Instagram feed ads which come in a standard format through their news feed, we can also do Instagram carousel ads as it increases sales and can attract the users and explore your products in an in-depth format.

The right audience: Essentials to target audience types should be based on demographics, behavior, location, interest etc. you may have a custom audience who has already visited your website or an audience who shares similar demographic data or retargeting audience that engage the users to get a conversion.

To conclude, we will give you some special tips for concise text in ads as visuals play an important role in Instagram and Facebook ads. We need to Limit our text and do more visual entertainment. The ad should look native-like natural content that includes people in images rather than a graphical icon. Humans can relate to natural faces more than graphical images.

We can tell a story in a carousel with images for more engagements using comparing images that promote the business product. When creating Instagram and Facebook ads we should encourage the users for more conversations. Definitely, all the information will give a better understanding to all our audiences.

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