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How to set up Google my business account?

How to set up Google my business account?

This blog will be very specific about “how to set up Google my business account”. Covid has changed the entire construction of business because every person searches more online for business than anywhere else. The local businesses can list themselves and can be found with Google Maps. Within a few minutes after creating a profile you can speak for yourself. Without wasting time let us see how to set up Google my business account.

Google My Business

Signing up for a business account

In Google my business you need to first set up your profile to engage with potential customers that are verified by Google. Once your profile is completed then only customers can find you. Very specific and very simple.

Google My business account

Creating a business profile on Google

  • These are very simple procedures which need to be followed firstly, you need to sign into your Google account or create one if you don’t have one.
  • If you do not have so now after you select a name you have to create your profile.
  • You have to select your business type by entering your business name either from the list suggested or creating your own.
  • Then you have to search from the categories and create by clicking on the” next button”.
  • You can create your business address also, and put a marker on the map so that people can find you. It is very essential that you mark your business. After finishing you can click on the button” next” to proceed ahead.
  • You can be more specific by projecting the area of your business. This can be done by properly giving the postal code, postal address, pin, and area of the locality you serve your business, and also you can select 20 service areas.
  • Now it is time to add a phone number which will help people to call you directly.
  • Here now, you can create your website as it gives you an option.
  • After this procedure is over you can click on the button ” finish” which will help you to complete your work by saving it.
  • Complete the verification process thoroughly by clicking on” verify now” if you think you want to verify later you can select the button” verify later”
Google my business setup

Servicing your Business Brilliantly

  • Google is very particular about business servicing profile verification. Because if you have multiple profiles for the same business then Google will suspend the account.
  • It is always good to hide your business address if your business does not have a front store.
  • Once your business is verified by Google then it shouldn’t be hidden and it should show your service area. It will be beneficial to your business if people can find it in the local area that you have chosen by default.
Google my business account

Managing the account

It is highly beneficial because you can add users to manage your presence online. There are many tricks that Google helps you to carry out your business online which you will realize on handling the account. You will get notifications and will be updated regularly. Whenever there is an addition or removal of members from your profile, it is always good to have their email addresses.

Finally, you should transfer ownership if you are no longer in the business. Google will by default take you as the primary owner hence it will be necessary for you to transfer the ownership to a new owner.


Google my business account is highly sophisticated for listing your business on Google and Google Maps. It is very easy to manage and maintain your online presence even if you don’t have a website. You can make your listing more happening by matching it with photos and videos.

People also give extra information on Google my business account by showing parking details and giving discount coupons. These practices help to encourage customers to retain them. After reading the procedure on “how to set up the Google my business account” which is quite simple it will be made public to expand your presence online.

managing google my business account