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The Top 20 Self-Learning SEO Sites in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to increase the visibility of any site. When people search for services and products related to any business, SEO helps better visibility to your pages and hence gets better ranking. Different search engines like Google, Bing used bots to crawl from pages on the websites as they go from site to site collecting several pieces of information and listing them. In the process, it collects a lot of information and creates a library which it can pull out information from and find you exactly what you are searching for, on the internet. Algorithms can analyze pages and can shift from hundreds of accounts to get the best results. So this is a kind of a library which has read all its books and so whenever you want any information it exactly removes all the required contents right in front of you.

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of digital marketing.  If there is more visibility to your business then, there is more traffic to a brand which results in higher profits due to conversion. So the higher the search, the higher is the business product and service visibility.

Teaching SEO Tactics

Now the difficulty is who will teach the tactics of SEO as it is a very important aspect of every business. Hence we have brought to you the top 20 self-learning SEO sites in 2022  that will help you with Search Engine Optimisation by giving a learning of various methods and elements that can get high-quality traffic. The sites will also guide the reader with the perfect use of search engine optimization.

SEO Tactics

1. Yoast SEO

  1. This one is a very popular plugin for WordPress. It helps to write better and also guides in giving proper length with description for better page analysis.

2. Google

Search engine optimization google is a platform that offers a huge range of tools that are helpful and necessary for a successful website. It is a self-learning place that allows you to do more with Google Chrome. and offers apps that can be paid for to get the best results. They also provide consumer support and links to a variety of pages. This is a site that is self-learning for Search Engine Optimization.

3. MOZ.com

This site offers free tools that can be used to optimize business listing as it offers proper categories and also packages with rate cards. The entire search engine works on Google’s many algorithms.

4. Search Engine Watch

This site has another tool to gain knowledge and navigate unpredictable terrain. This site is designed to help people figure out how this search engine algorithm works and how they can benefit their business.

Search Engine Watch

5. Ecommerce SEO; The Definitive Guide

E-commerce has truly evolved in the entire world and this site will guide you to show how to attract people who are seriously interested in buying your products and create a circle of Genuine customers.

6. The SEM Post

This is a marketplace where all the search engine marketing experts of the industry get together and help firms increase visibility. It regularly gives important news and updates and announcements that are so important that will help every business.

The SEM Post

7. Advanced Web Ranking

This site was created with features of Advanced web ranking including a rank tracker, accurate ranking results, easy-to-use interface etc these aspects try to guarantee Optimization and accurate reading as compared to the rest in the competition.

Advanced Web Ranking

8. Wikipedia Page Rank

This site allows you to achieve a website that makes use of keywords but also inspires people to frequently stay on your page for a long period. You can stay on top of your competitors by taking tips and tricks from this site.

9. Problogger

This is made for beginners who need help with SEO. It helps to advise on off-site Search Engine Optimization techniques and creating quality inbound links. It  answers the question on how to do Search Engine Optimization by giving many options and tools with other tips to enhance SEO.


10. Kalzumeus.com

This site gives tips and tricks in SEO for startups and software companies. It Lays down guidelines for having a strategy and tactics for search engine optimization for a website.


This site gives tips and tricks in SEO for startups and software companies. It Lays down guidelines for having a strategy and tactics for search engine optimization for a website.

11. Search Engine Optimization Tips

What is Search Engine Optimisation? This question is easily answered from this site which has several tips on how to be successful at it. This is an advanced explanation and tips for SEO.

12. Hubspot

Every level of Webmaster needs competitive Search Engine Optimization audits. You have to maintain regular SEO audits for staying up to date.

13. Quora Best practices for SEO

These are answered questions and how best you can utilize SEO. Here it  tries to put more emphasis on what is known as quality content. We should maintain premium quality content for top ranking.

14. Wordpress SEO tips

This platform is one of the most popular which allows you to create a unique brand presence. This is a good place to start blogging for beginners and helps to realize your mistakes and can improve instantly.

15. SEO tips for Ecommerce Sites

This is another spot for learning Search Engine Optimization techniques. It is dedicated to getting E-Commerce sites at its best SEO frame and gives excellent advice to people looking for an E-commerce landscape.

16. Cranberry Radio's SEO 101

So here is a Podcast series on the web for learners’ comprehensive guide to SEO.

17. Search Engine Guide

It gives SEO updates as it is updated consistently. It is easy to refer to the changes that are brought in the algorithm on every search engine. This website is very useful and presents new bulletins with search engine updates

18. How to set up an SEO friendly Word press site

This is about completely setting up a WordPress site. It explains in detail how keywords should be handled and how they are handled by Google.

19. Anchors

This helps to remove a monitor of overly optimized websites. It helps with problems of over Optimization issues while keeping the website on top.

20. Word Tracker Academy

This focuses on ways to integrate social media platforms into sites with a strategy that is perfect for the latest development in your SEO program.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a vital component of any marketing program. These 20 self-learning SEO sites will guide you to learn SEO and create organic growth within the website. All the bits of information will help to get success in the online Marketplace by using the principles of SEO and increase web visibility and gain higher profit margins.

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