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Top 10 Facebook Ideas to Gain More Followers

Top 10 Facebook Ideas to Gain More Followers

Facebook has been around since 2004 and has become the largest social networking platform in the world with around 3 billion users by 2021. It was like oxygen to the people who used to browse daily. Everyone knows the access is free of cost and people flocked to the site. So what the company gets is money from the advertisements on the websites, by the audience joining groups, putting photos, including timelines and having all the fun. Users chat with each other and send messages.


Facebook has made several changes to make life better. So people have started making business connections. It has become a more valuable asset. In recent years, making sure starting a Facebook business page can become a success. Followers are usually not likes that are on the page but the proper followers.

Facebook followers are very important, let me just name a few reasons why they are important


Brand building

Facebook helps to build your brand through the followers that are so dedicated. These are the people who share your content to expand your reach.


Followers follow you to see your updates and the news feed. This helps them to know about special days or any upcoming event to boost your sales.

True business partner

 Followers are like your true business partner because they will make your brand successful as if it was their own.

Today we will give you some ideas to gain followers who are so important. let’s start; Some tips, tricks or ideas you can say are really helpful to get more followers;


 It is very essential that you have to give them a good post and it should be very frequent. Frequent posts keep your followers alive, create consistency and grow the faith. Trust is an important issue that is built with consistency.

Interesting posts

It is very important to make your post interesting, people should feel like reading your post and forwarding it. The trick is that it should be trending and happening. Most people on a regular basis read only those contents which have something different in it. They want their friends and families to know about the interesting stuff so they surely will share it. Sharing helps your advertisement.

Freebies or Giveaways

 All around the world this concept has always been similar. Everyone will definitely enjoy the feeling of freebies. It helps get more attention and attracts more people. People will share it with as many of them. The motive is to get something free. Facebook posts a lot of sales stuff, which is easily attracted and helps them to get more attention as they have to offer something for free.

Great website

An easy navigating website helps to retain followers and make the experience enjoyable. A slow website is troublesome and people would not like to come in again. A good website helps to gain trust, and visibility and is trustworthy.


 It is always good to include links in your blog post. What happens is more, they get connected to you because they can know more about everything through your blog or through your links that get them connected.

Engagement ads

 You get more Facebook followers and increase your brand visibility when people see your ad they follow your page.


 You can invite other people to like your page. This is another quick way to get more followers as when people will notice more likes, they get inquisitive about your ad. But note, do not invite a large number of people as it may look suspicious.

 Subscriber list

 You can also invite the subscriber’s list as it will increase the number of followers.

Post viral content

 High-quality content which is properly curated well, like memes, videos, shorts, and funny images, always gets more followers.

Original viral content

 You can also do a  master art by creating your own viral content and making it famous. If you are creative you can insert your product and services and share them on social channels.


 It is highly beneficial if you encourage people to tag your page as many brands have partners with whom they work well.

 More video content

 It is a common scenario that people get more attracted to video content. In fact, Facebook has noted and loved video content.

Using hashtags

 Using hashtags helps increase followers and is very popular on Instagram and Twitter. You can use it like a giveaway hashtag on Facebook.

Automate your account

 Manual labor is usually hectic and automation can save you a lot of burdens. It makes life simpler so if till now you have not automated your account you should go ahead and do it. It helps in better scheduling of content ahead of time and it will also ensure posting regularly. In this way, there is consistency and helps to increase the reach because it gives a signal to the algorithm of your performance and creates potential followers.

Facebook’s success is highly related to followers. It is not just the quantity of Facebook followers but it is the quality to attract the right audience. Followers are an essential part but they should also fulfill goals and drive the correct traffic. If you have a big number of followers who are your fans it will mean a lot to your business. This creates a brand and a mark and an acquired challenging work.

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