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The Best Software Development Blogs to Follow Now

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The Best Software Development Blogs to Follow Now

In the fast-paced world of technology, keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and practices can feel overwhelming. Developer blogs are a goldmine of information, offering insights from seasoned professionals, tutorials, and the latest industry news. But with countless blogs out there, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Here’s a curated list of the best software development blogs you should be following now.


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CodeBetter is a must-follow for developers working with Microsoft technologies. This blog is dedicated to providing practical, relevant content that developers can apply directly to their work. Unlike many blogs that fill their pages with fluff, CodeBetter focuses on delivering quality over quantity. The blog covers a range of topics including .NET-based languages, SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk. The writers at CodeBetter share their personal experiences and knowledge, making it a trusted source for developers.

A List Apart

A List Apart has been a staple in the developer community since its inception as a mailing list in 1997. Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, this blog covers a wide array of topics related to web content design, with a particular focus on web standards and best practices. The contributors are a diverse group of developers, designers, and strategists, making it a rich resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in software development.

The Steelkiwi Blog

Founded in 2011 by Viacheslav Ponomarov and Anton Baterikov, the Steelkiwi Blog offers insights from a full-cycle software development company. The blog is a treasure trove of information for startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. It covers everything from design and development to software support and compliance regulations. The Steelkiwi Blog aims to demystify complex IT terms and processes, making it accessible to businesses looking to develop custom apps and websites.

Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog is a delightful read for developers. Started in 2004, this blog combines humor with insightful posts on software development. Jeff shares his journey and growth as a developer, making his content relatable and enjoyable. As a co-founder of Stack Exchange, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his blog, making it a valuable resource for developers at all levels.

Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Exchange and former Microsoft employee, has been sharing his wisdom on software development since 2000. Joel on Software focuses on the business and management aspects of software development. Joel’s posts are not only informative but also reflect his deep understanding of the industry. His blog is a great resource for developers interested in the broader aspects of software development, including business strategies and management practices.

The Berkun Blog

Scott Berkun’s blog is a unique blend of software development insights and explorations into philosophy, creativity, and business. As a former manager at Microsoft and a bestselling author, Scott offers a wealth of knowledge that is both diverse and engaging. His posts are a great resource for developers looking to broaden their horizons and gain insights into different aspects of the tech world.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is an invaluable resource for developers preparing for job interviews at major tech companies. This client-submitted blog provides answers to common programming and algorithmic questions asked in interviews. It’s a community-driven platform where developers share their experiences and knowledge, making it a helpful resource for anyone looking to break into the tech industry.

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh’s blog is a haven for developers interested in front-end technologies. As Mozilla’s senior web engineer and a core developer for the MooTools Javascript Framework, David brings a wealth of expertise to his blog. He covers a wide range of topics including CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. His passion for open source and experimentation makes his blog a standout resource for developers looking to enhance their skills.

Daily JS

Daily JS, created by Alex Young, offers daily insights and advice on all things JavaScript. The blog is packed with hands-on tips, practical examples, and the latest news in the JavaScript world. For developers who are serious about JavaScript, Daily JS is an essential read. Alex also runs the usevim blog, which is a great resource for Vim users.

.cult by Honeypot

.cult by Honeypot is dedicated to sharing untold developer stories. From the origin stories of popular frameworks to dealing with difficult team members, .cult provides a platform for developers to share their experiences and insights. The blog offers a variety of content including documentaries, podcasts, articles, and events. It’s a great resource for developers looking to connect with the community and learn from their peers.


Founded by Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks is a comprehensive resource for all things CSS. The blog offers tutorials, articles, and videos covering a wide range of topics from basic CSS to advanced techniques. Chris’s practical approach and clear explanations make CSS-Tricks a valuable resource for developers at all levels.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a well-known resource in the web development community. It covers a broad range of topics including web design, development, and mobile. The blog features contributions from industry experts, making it a rich source of information for developers. Whether you’re looking for tutorials, tips, or industry news, Smashing Magazine has something for everyone.

Stack Overflow Blog

The Stack Overflow Blog offers insights from one of the most popular Q&A platforms for developers. The blog features contributions from experts in the community, covering a wide range of topics including software development, data science, and career advice. It’s a great resource for developers looking to stay updated on industry trends and learn from their peers. is a community-driven platform where developers share their knowledge and experiences. The blog covers a wide variety of topics including coding tutorials, career advice, and industry news. With its inclusive community and diverse content, is a valuable resource for developers looking to connect with their peers and stay informed.


Following the right blogs can make a huge difference in your growth as a developer. Whether you’re looking for practical tips, industry news, or insights from seasoned professionals, these blogs offer a wealth of information. Explore these resources, find the ones that resonate with you, and make them a part of your learning journey.

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Why are developer blogs important?

Developer blogs are important because they offer practical tips, industry news, and insights from experienced professionals, helping you stay updated and improve your skills.

How often should I check these blogs?

It depends on your learning goals and schedule, but checking them once a week can keep you updated without overwhelming you.

Can beginners benefit from these blogs?

Absolutely! Many of these blogs offer content that is suitable for beginners, helping them learn new skills and stay informed about industry trends.

Are there any other recommended blogs?

Yes, there are many other great blogs out there. Some additional recommendations include “The GitHub Blog,” “FreeCodeCamp,” and “The Official Google Webmasters Blog.”

How can I contribute to these blogs?

Most blogs welcome contributions from the community. Check their submission guidelines and share your knowledge and experiences with fellow developers.

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